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Introducing Glass Shield, revolutionary hydrophobic technology that allows you to drive through even the heaviest of rain without the need for windshield wipers! With just a few easy steps, you can make your vehicle's windshield virtually impervious to water. The unique formula coats your vehicle's windshield with a protective layer that causes rain to bead up and slide right off the glass surface. You won't have to worry about visibility when driving in rain again thanks to this innovative product. Glass Shield is also incredibly easy to apply - just spray it on, wipe it off and you're good to go. Its small size makes it easy to store in your glove box, ensuring that you always have it handy when you need it most. So don't let rain be an obstacle between you and the road - get Glass Shield today for your best chance at safe driving in wet weather conditions!

Hydrophobic – Our advanced formula coats the windshield of your vehicle with a protective layer designed to repel water. Enjoy crystal clear visibility even when driving through heavy rain!

Easy to apply - A few simple steps and you’re good to go! Just spray, wipe and let dry for a water repellant coating that will provide optimal protection from the elements.

Si02 Formula – Our unique formula is made up of silicon dioxide molecules that quickly attach themselves onto the glass surface for maximum coverage and durability.

Water Repellant – Rain gets beaded up and slides off easily due to this ultra effective coating, giving you improved visibility and safety on wet roads. Get Glass Shield today!

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